Last Name First Name Subject Email
Ehrich Danielle Pre-School
Anderson Janelle Kindergarten
Speichinger Kyle First Grade
Staddie Heather Second Grade
Marnin Kara Third Grade
Moxley Whitney Fourth Grade
Calvert Lindsey Fifth Grade
Wallace Debbie Sixth Grade
Lynae Enderle Art
Monnig Chad Agricultural Education
Kahn Michael Physical Education
Cupp Mary Family and Con. Science
Hayes Allie Special Education Aid
Forrest Donna Librarian
Gardner Amy English
Gladbach Clarice Library Clerk
Willis Sarah Social Studies
Elliott Jessica Speech
Mauzey Alyssa Business Education
Fessler Kelsey Science
Bachtel Debbie Guidance
Richmond Jeana Vocal and Inst. Music
Riley Brenda L.D./E.M.H.
Severa Michael H.S. Math
Marcy Montgomery J.H. Math
Lockard Teresa English/Social Studies
Hoyt Eric Principal
Garber Ron Superintendent
Gladbach Lisa Administrative Assistant
McGilvray Connie High School Secretary
Bowyer Nyle Technology Support